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LCL Shipping from Bali

Recently, many shipping companies are spreading in Bali. Many people need to ship their goods as they shopped in Bali. They need shipping company to make sure their goods will safely land into their town or countries. If you talk about shipping Cargo Company, you may hear about LCL. Not all people are familiar with that term. LCL stands for Less Container Load. When a shipper does not have many goods to put in the loaded container, he will organize with the consolidator to reserve his cargo. It happens when the container is not full of goods. People called this kind of shipment as LCL shipment.

Then, the consolidator will organize the FCL or full container with a major shipping carrier. After that, the consolidator will console the shipments of other shippers. This means the freight forwarder who gets the full container receives the goods from different shippers. They he will combine all the goods and put them in a container. This container later will be called FCL or Fully Loaded Container. Lastly, the freight forwarder arranges the goods based on the destination or put them at the transshipment points. This is because different goods will be at different ports. When the goods arrive to the destination, the freight forwarder will release the goods.

If you are looking for LCL shipping from Bali, make sure you select the shipping company which has the vast service. The shipping company usually will help you in collecting the goods from your suppliers, doing quality control, packing the goods, storing in dry and safe warehouse, processing the document for export and shipment, monitoring the shipment, giving guarantee that your goods will be safely arrived at the harbor, airport or home destination. For LCL shipping, the space can be filled in a 20 feet container. The goods will be covered by wood crates. Goods from Bali are loaded and packed in Bali and then ready to ship.