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Bali to India Shipping Charge

pping charge will be different from one country to other country. That’s because the time and location are different as well. However, the cost may be different from one shipping company to others. Here some information you should know about shipping. Nowadays, many shipping companies ship goods to any country. They ship goods to countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Australia. There are two types of shipping. They are available in air freight and sea freight. For air freight, the goods will come for few days to place all over the world. This type of shipment is economical but only for urgent need goods such as spare parts or high price goods such as jewelry. Sea freight shipment is very common for goods which are big, non urgent and non expensive. People tend to use this shipment often.

If you choose sea freight then there are two options available. They are FCL and LCL. FCL stands for Full Container Load and LCL stands for Less than a container load. Goods are crated in the wooden boxes for LCL. Then goods are sent to a harbor in Malaysia or Singapore. Then they wait until LCL shipments which have the same destination arrive. After the whole container is full then they headed to the destination. For sea freight, there is no minimum volume. However, the maximum volume is based on the container size.

Before shipping, your goods will be packaged. Normally, goods are packaged in wooden boxes, crates and cardboard packaging. Fragile goods usually will be treated differently as they get stronger packaging. The shipping time is around 4 weeks to the United States and Europe and 2 weeks to Australia. If you want to know how the progress of your goods, you don’t need to worry. You will get shipping schedule. When the goods arrived in the harbor, they will call you.