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BAYUS BALI CARGO was established in October 1995 in Bali-Indonesia. An elegance office and ware house located in district of Seminyak, 15 minutes from international airport, 20 minutes from Benoa Harbor.

BAYUS BALI CARGO also located in the central of furniture, handicrafts, lighting and accessories shops. The company has been under well trained staff and very commitment to fulfilling are our customer’s cargo shipping need. Now backed up by 25 experienced and dedicated professionals employees to accommodate our customer’s ever changing needs.

Our duty is to organize your shipments to all available destinations around the world. This vast service include collection of goods from each your suppliers, quality control, packing as the nature of the goods, storage in dry and secure warehouse, processing all export document, shipment of the goods and guaranteeing save arrival at the harbor, airport or home of destination.

BAYUS BALI CARGO is currently working in cooperation with many furniture factory, handicraft producer, Bali art artist, garment and apparel factory, lighting, natural stone carving, tile for building, ceramic pottery and many more export vendor. It is the reason why we can escort our customer to find what the customer need and want for good supplier, good price and good quality. We have also added Buying Agents because of the customer needs. We believe if the client more success we will also more success. We can accommodate your need and help you find whatever you are looking for. Bali is very artistic and creative place, we are experience in sourcing any special requests. We believe success is just because the customer feel satisfaction. And Trust is the foundation in every kind of relationship. We realize our success will constant only we can continuing customer satisfaction, keep our customers trust and partnership. All of our client stay with us because we used to work reputable shipping line, trusting company for the shipment and we have to implementation high standards quality packing of goods and be a seriously quality control. Our reputation and relationship with the shipping lines ensure timely shipment and connections through reputable carriers.