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Bali has been known by world society as an international tourist destination as well as a resort for international meeting and convention. Bali nowadays is also known as a transaction venue for both exporters and importers. Being the window of Indonesia it invites producers and exporters from all over Indonesia even from other countries to show their products in Bali. Consequently, there are thousands shops selling their goods, handicraft, lightings, statues, furniture, and some others.

Buyers from all over the world just need to come to Bali in order to choose numerous goods from all over Indonesia and the world with numerous quality and prices. Its development as meeting center for producer, exporters, importers, and buyers triggers development of Freight Forwarding business. In Bali, there are more than 200 Freight Forwarding companies such as International Freight Forwarding , Cargo Company, Packing and Shipping, Producer Exporter, Buying Agent, Cargo Mover, and others. The sporadic growth of Bali Shipping Company results in tight competition in Freight Forwarding industries. Buyers often face difficulty in delivery since they do not know the shopping in Bali and also in choosing trusted Shipping Company.

PT. Bayus Cargo appears in this freight forwarding business to solve problems that buyers face both when doing transaction and forwarding goods. With a motto “Your Trusted Forwarder in Bali”, we are commited to PT. Bayus Cargo that it will be trusted and realible to solve any problem faced by our clients. Serving from 2000, professional staff, and philosophy “We are An Architect Of Bali Transport” we understand our clients expectation. With the stated philosophy, we offer you services starting from planing a tour before you come to Bali, ticket booking, airport pick up sevice, buying tour, quality control , payment consolidator, export service as well as post export service. With such a concept of Total Quality Service, our clients feel very save and convenient to run their business so that they spend their time efficiently and effectively. This makes PT. Bayus Cargo a highly reputable company that has customer from all over the wolrd.

In order to guaranty our businesses and to give you comfortable environment, BAYUS CARGO gives you lots of compliment such as :

  • Free Hotel reservation ( free pick up & drop airport)
  • Free Shopping trip 3 days (20 feet) and 5 days (40 feet & 40HC )
  • Free consultant
  • Free Storage
  • Free Stay at Villas
  • Free Mug
  • Free Umbrella
  • Free Bag
  • Free Payment Consolidator

* Term & Condition Apply

In addition to such a Core Belief as Trusted, Architech of Transport, Total Quality Service to guarantee Customer Satisfaction, PT. Bayus Cargo also applies philosophy of Continous improvement. Globalization era results in very rapid changes in bussines environment, cempetition, information and regulation. In order to anticipate this, management of PT. Bayus Cargo continously renew and upgrade services starting from packing system, export document, and any customer expectation. By applying this concept, PT. Bayus Cargo can survive and even develop in this world globalization era and competition. It would be our pride and respects if we could get the chance to service and be your partner of succes in running your bussines, click here.


  • Very competitive price: For more specific please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Free shopping trip: 3 days for 20 feet and 5 days for 40 feet or 40 HC:
    Shopping trip each day = 8 hours from 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM, working hours.
  • Free Storage
  • Strategic place at central business area ( see google map ).
  • Many clients said that we are a profesional team work ( see testimonial )
  • Quick Respond
  • Free Wifi
  • Long term experience ( more thank 10 years experience )
  • Wide, clean, dry and save warehouse.
  • Free payment consolidator.
* Term & Condition Apply
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Bali Cargo

BAYUS BALI CARGO ensures professional and accurate handling in all export & import documentation and export & import customs clearance. Upon request, BAYUS CARGO professionals can come to your home to personally survey and provide you with a free estimate of volume and price.


Bali Shipping

Our vast service include collection of goods from each your suppliers, quality control, packing as the nature of the goods, storage in dry and secure warehouse, processing all the export document and shipment goods, monitoring shipment


Air Cargo & Sea Freight

All of our client stay with us because we used to work reputable shipping line, trusting company for the shipment and we have to implementation high standards quality packing of goods and be a seriously quality control.

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Special handling, we take pride in serving our customers safely.

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