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Import Food Goods From Bali To Australia

Importing food goods from Bali to Australia. Many Australians willing to have food goods to be delivered to their countries. They have fell in love with certain food material that rarely could be find in Australia. Exporting a solid batch from Bali to Australia is quite complex.

There are so many things to be considered and planned for this kind of goods. Food classified goods are sometimes considered as a potentially hazardous goods, especially raw, perishable goods. Australia has a very high alert on the regulations and custom quarantine for this kind of goods as well as many other countries.

Fail to meet the regulations may results refused or returned of goods back to the origin country or even more innihilated. Different kind of food goods has different treatment on shipping. Cold storages, refrigerated container, way of packing and time frame of deliveries has to be well accounted and well considered. And most important thing is all that process has to met the standard and regulations of destination country to avoid those situation mentioned above.

Bayu’s Bali Cargo have aware with all documents and requirements needed and ready to assist our client to have their food goods secured and shipped to Australia.